The Three Points of Airplus's Safety and Trust

In 2019, AIRPLUS Co., Ltd. celebrates its 31th anniversary.
Ever since we were first established in the first year of the Heisei era, we have consistently focused on the international aspect of international travels. As a professional of international flight sales, in order to better offer our established services with several hundred thousand airlines, we developed the "vending machine of international flights", ena. Also, in order to increase the convenience of purchasing flights for our customers, we have optimized our accessibility to smartphones, etc. to provide easier E-Ticket purchasing access to 30,000 of the world's cities and 130,000 of its hotels. We have received patronage for over a long period of time from our many business partners and customers.
As such, this company of ours, would like to tell you about the three points of our trust.

Safety and Trust 1: IATA(International Air Transport Association) Official Agency


While there are over 10,000 travel agencies in Japan, only 280 of them are approved as an IATA official agency. This is the reason why AIRPLUS can quickly secure booking for travel.
IATA is an international industry association with a long history of operating international airlines and travel agencies. It is also affiliated by many airlines around the world. IATA runs by having set rules on important aspects of international travel such as airfare and transportation. Being an IATA Official Agency implies that the company has been inspected and approved by IATA as passing the standards set forth by IATA. Being an approved IATA Official Agency means that tickets can be booked by the company for any IATA affiliations, in other words, flights around the world. Ever since AIRPLUS acquired the affiliation license in 1998, we have maintained a track record of high amounts of bookings each year.

Safety and Trust 2: Registered Travel Agency No.1833 approved by the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency

A company that focuses on the travel trade is often registered into one of three classes of travel operators based on certain criteria. Within those businesses, becoming a [Class 1 Travel Operator] means not only being approved for passing the essential conditions, but also all of the other strict conditions that exist. (Japan Tourism Agency) Now, Class 2 and 3 Travel Operators and Travel Agencies are registered by the local prefectural government. AIRPLUS is registered and doing business as a [Class 1 Travel Operator].

Safety and Trust 3: JATA(Japan Association of Travel Agents) Active Member


AIRPLUS, is a member of JATA(Japan Association Travel Agents), which aims to improve: travel business with our partners, reception, travel agency growth, and tourism development. Within JATA, there are active members, asssociate members, and allied members. AIRPLUS operates as a regular member that receives all services from JATA.


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