ENA's Customer Service.  Let us hear your voice. [We want to listen to your voice some more.] [We want to provide a satisfying service by listening to our customer's voices.]CS Mark was made after listening to our customers' thoughts. Please ask us anything over e-mail or phone.


ena, which is managed by AIRPLUS Co., Ltd., was established in Japan 30 years ago and continues to consistently specialize in International travel. From our call center to data entry, we are able to handle service for all of domestic Japan.
Our customer service department is listening to our customers' opinions and constantly striving to improve in order to fulfill all of our customers needs. No matter what the issue is, please feel free to talk to us.
For operator and website service quality, the Quality Control Section was established and it works dilligently to preserve and improve service quality. There is no other international travel specialized company that can compete with our service when it comes to caring for all customers.
AIRPLUS Co., Ltd. Representative Director President Ken Okada

Course of Action

  • For the satisfaction and peace of mind of all customers We offer the most assistance in order to give peace of mind to customers on their trip. Our company's service starts with the trip's planning and ends after hearing "welcome home" upon returning to your country. Being in the business for 30 years has allowed our service to become exceptional. Through young and healthy interactions, we are able to give 120% support to our customers in assisting with their trips.
  • With the goal of making it easy for customer's to use The starting point of our company's service is communication with the customer(human relations). Above anything else, we value the interactions we have with our customers through phone, mail, and direct communicatin. Whether you have a question, request, etc., please ask us anything. Our entire company is ready to respond to our customers' requests.
  • We aim to have a convenient and easy to use overseas travel service Using the latest IT technologies, we aim to create an efficient and convenient service. Also, when it comes to human subtleties, we have our ears and arms ready to modestly handle the issue. With IT technology and our worker's hard efforts, we offer the "most convenient and easiest international trips."

Our Commitment

  • Listening Strength Our company understands that we must answer our customer's true demands. So, we have implemented an educational program in order to cultivate the listening strength found within the communication between our employees and each of our customers. We regularly inspect our phone and e-mail interactions to see that there is clear communication with our customers. We are constantly revising and improving our communication.
  • Customer Service Department Our company established the customer service department in order to give peace of mind to all of our customers and fulfill their expectations. For problems that cannot be solved over the internet, it must be an issue that we must solve with our own hands. We will listen to our customers voice and put forth our utmost effort into solving the issue.
  • Collecting opinions about the website On our website, we have placed a banner on every page for customers to click when they find something difficult to use. Each submitted inquiry is not only sent to the related department in charge, but the business managers also monitor them. The entire company works as a whole in order to solve the issue.