International Discount Flights

ENA's online reservation engine for flights is one of the fastest within the industry for searching and making reservations for desired flights.

Because the system is directly connected to our company's host computers, they are constantly searching and confirming for the latest empty seats available and their schedule.
The tax, fuel surcharge, and other fees are included in the "show total fees" button, so please use our service with peace of mind.
Using the search engine is easy. All you have to do is use the pulldown buttons to select your preferences and then click the "search" button.

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Dynamic Overseas Tour (Air + Hotel Travel Package)

ena's Dynamic Overseas Tour is an arrangement where you can combine and purchase desired orders online.

With over 30,000 cities, 130,000 hotels, and more than 300,000 flights, you can combine the options to your liking.
Furthermore, if you combine reasonable orders and purchase them together, you can receive a travel package set discount and save a lot of money.
All of the displayed items are able to be reserved immediately with no waiting list. You can find out the item's exact cost and complete the reservation within as little as 5 pages.

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Overseas Hotel

ena's hotel service can show you vacant rooms for 130,000 hotels from 30,000 cities across the globe.

Hotels come with a lowest price guarantee. If you find a room with similar conditions with a cheaper price than the one listed on ENA's website, you will be refunded the difference.
It is also possible to combine a flight reservation with your hotel reservation in order to make a dynamic international tour reservation. By doing this, you will receive a discount.

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Payment Method

Pay by Credit Card
You can pay by using VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, or Diners Club cards. You can choose to either pay all at once or to make multiple payments.

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About the Management Company

AIRPLUS Co., Ltd. holds ena, which has acheived 30 years in marketing and dealing with international travel. AIRPLUS invests in ENA's know-how and manages ena.

AIRPLUS Co., Ltd. is a recognized industry for international and domestic travel. It is also a regular member of the JATA(Japan Association of Travel Agents) and issues airline tickets on its own as a recognized agency of the IATA(International Air Transport Association).

We not only offer affordable orders, but also aim to provide peace of mind and reliable arrangements every day.

  • The Three Points of AIRPLUS's Safety and Trust

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System Requirements

For a safe and pleasant experience on ENA's website, we recommend using the following web browser and plugins.
After verifying the software version, please download the software.
※Please make sure that your system meets the system requirements.

1. Recommended Browsers

For a safe and pleasant experience on ENA's website, we recommend using the following versions of each web browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above
Google Chrome:Latest Version
Mozilla Firefox:Latest Version
Safari:Latest Version

  • ※Even when using the above mentioned browsers, problems such as browser and operating system compatibility issues may occur, causing parts of the website to be flawed or some website features may become unstable.
  • ※We do not take responsibility for actions taken on our website via a preview release, beta, new browser, or cell phone's full browser.
  • ※If you are not using a Japanese operating system, some Japanese writing sections may show up as corrupted text.

2. Plugins, etc.

"Adobe Flash Player" is required for some pages of ENA's website.。

Adobe Flash Player > Go to Download Website
※We recommend using a Broadband(FTTH, ADSL, CATV) connection.

"Adobe Acrobat Reader" or "Adobe Reader" are necessary for reading or printing PDF files.

Adobe Reader(Adobe Acrobat Reader) > Go to Download Website

3. Security

On ENA's website, customers' personal information is protected with "SSL" protection. You do not need to have any special security settings on your web browser because of the SSL protection. Because of SSL's security features that interact with the browser, all of our customers' personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc. is all encrypted before being sent. If for some reason the transmitted data is intercepted by a third party, there is no need to worry that the information will be stolen because it is encrypted. The pages that have secured transmission by SSL are marked with a locking key which can be found in the bottom portion of the browser.
※SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is a security feature that encrypts information and transmits it over the internet.

4. Javascript

Content that uses Javascript found on some parts of ENA's website. If the javacript settings are invalid on the browser being used, some things may not properly function or some things may not be properly displayed. We recommend that you make sure that your browser's settings allow for Javascript's settings to be valid so that you may use all of our website's contents.

5. Cookie

On ENA's website, it is necessary to allow cookies. If the browser you are using is set to not receive cookies, you may not be able to properly perform actions on our website. We ask that you change your browser's settings to receive cookies in order to use our website's contents.

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