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30 years of trust and achievement

ENA is an online international travel website. ENA has the quickest search engine for making reservations for international discount flights with 400 airlines across the globe. It's available for use 24 hours a day, and 365 days of the year.Also, from our selection of 30,000 cities and 130,000 hotels across the globe, customers can conveniently save money by making flight and hotel reservations at the same time and earning a travel package set discount.
With our operation center that has 30 years of achievements and our state-of-the-art system, we can firmly support our customers' trips.

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Management Company Name
Service Brand Name
Capital Stock
¥281,850,000(Capital Reserve Fund ¥12,850,000) as of April 2009
Business Information
Travel Business and Damage Insurance Agency that is compliant with travel laws
〒105-0004 Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 2-12-15, Tanakatamuracho Bldg. 4th Floor
Representative Director President Ken Okada
Travel Business Registration
Japan Tourism Agency No. 1833
Comprehensive Travel Business
Management Administrator
Akihiko Sagawa
Affiliated Organizations
Japan Association of Travel Agents(JATA) Regular Member
International Air Transport Association(IATA) Approved Agency
Bank Partners
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mizuho Bank, Sawayaka Credit Union


■Content Provider
【AIRPLUS Co., Ltd. (Management Company)】(
Location: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 2-12-15
Representative Director President Ken Okada
With the goal of preparing international flights with customers' needs in mind, our travel company that specializes in dealing with international travel arrangements was established in 1993.
Whether arranging a trip for a personal sightseeing trip or a business trip, or planning an affordable trip for a group or school trip, we are able to handle a broad range of customers. When our company was first established, we created a system that digitalized flight data to be accessible onlline and this system could instantly search for the best and most affordable flights. We have been developing this system so that anyone could use it.
■System - Logic Development
【Japan System Development Co., Ltd.】(
Location: Tokyo-to, Inagi-shi, Yanokuchi, 1766−1NSK Building
Respresentative Director President Masayuki Kamei
It is a software development company that was established in 1971. In addition to specializing in mobile communications and networking, they have been developing various types of applications and they continue to grow. Recently, they have been working on providing IT service to the travel industry. The travel industry system that NSK has been developing and selling known as "Tabasa" is a comprehensively supported core system that allows you to arrange and make reservations with travel agencies while reducing expenses. As a client/server type system, it is a rental system that is the first of its kind. Its shares are expanding as they support the needs for businesses to continue and administers risks for businesses.
■Web Design / Branding
【Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.】(
Location: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Higashi 3-30-2 KI Building 202
Representative Director President and CEO Hideya Yanagihara
They are a content producer that appeared on the global scene by making collaborations between the entertainment and IT industries. They help plan and create websites, mobile websites, CG animation, social gaming illustrations, TV shows, etc. They have worked with character collaborations such as Hello Kitty. They are developing a one-stop content creation solution for everyone via BtoB. They were in charge of ENA's website design and branding.

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